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Solutions from Weiss Technik for

Environmental Simulation

& Testing

Your product consists of different materials, different components having different chemical compositions and mechanical properties. During its lifecycle, your product will be exposed to various climatic conditions and/or mechanical influences. With our environmental simulation systems you can precisely simulate:

  • Heat, Cold, Humidity

Temperature / climate & thermal shock chambers

  • Water: Splash, Rain & Salt Fog

Rain / splash water & salt fog chambers

  • Solar & UV Radiation

Solar simulators & UV chambers

  • Mechanical stress

Vibration systems & combined chambers

Solutions from Weiss Technik for


& Climate Control

With our products and services, we solve challenging tasks in climate control, airconditioning and cleanroom systems. We provide:

  • Hygienic air-conditioning systems:

Hospitals, clinics, operating theatres & ICUs

  • Cleanroom systems:

Biological research labs, Space, Micro-electronics & Pharma manufacturing

  • Climate control systems:

Vertical farms, insect and plant growth units

  • High thermal-load systems:

Data centers, server farms

Solutions from Weiss Technik for

Industrial Heating

& Drying

We provide precision heating & drying systems for industrial applications. Alongside our comprehensive selection of series products, we also focus on the implementation of custom-built, process-integrated solutions. 

The product portfolio includes a wide range of heating and drying ovens, cleanroom dryers, hot-air sterilisers, infra-red and continuous furnaces, and innovative microwave technology too.

Solutions from Weiss Technik for

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

& biomedical research

With decades of experience and know-how, we guarantee the most sophisticated clean air and containment solutions. Our comprehensive and innovative range of products includes:

  • Stability test systems
  • Barrier systems
  • Laminar flow systems
  • Safety workbenches
  • Isolators, airlocks

and much more...