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Test it! Heat it! Cool it!

We provide standards-based & custom-built systems for Climatic Testing, Heating and Environmental Simulation from Weiss technik, Vötsch technik, Climats & Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ).


Using our environmental simulation systems you can check the influence of temperature, pressure, humidity, rain & sea water, solar radiation, vibration, emission, corrosive atmosphere and even the vacuum of space with the possibility to perform combined and/or accelerated testing.


Our industrial process heaters & dryers include heating cabinets, hot-air sterilizers, cleanroom dryers, microwave devices, industrial furnaces and customized solutions. With our systems you can be sure of an even heating result.

Pharma tech

With our sterilization, drying & stability testing systems, containment systems, GMP cleanrooms, isolators and airlock gate systems, we provide support to the life science sectors and to industry in general.


We offer reliable solutions for applications where special climatic conditions are necessary, such as in laboratories and cleanrooms used for the manufacture of microelectronics, pharmaceutical compounding, hospitals, museums, archives, measuring rooms, IT data centers and even in vertical farming.

A.I. Computer vision

We provide an A.I.-based Computer Vision platform that resides at the edge and can be trained to solve most most any real-world problems incl. object-, PPE-, fire- & smoke- detection, biometric & non-biometric identification, people counting & tracking and much more.


We are committed to developing advanced robotic systems that can mimc nature. The idea is that our research can then be used to not just augment but enhance human capabilities.

GBF Aerospace & Special Products Division

The Aerospace & Special Products Division was established to serve the needs of the region's growing aviation and aerospace industry. Mainstream activities involve sales, marketing and services pertinent to the interests of airlines and aircraft operators, as well as airports and related facilities in the Middle East region. The Aerospace & Special Products Division is geared towards fulfilling all the requirements of Commercial and Military Aviation, Airports, Airfields, Airlines, Private Operators, Civil Aviation Departments, Airborne Armed Forces and Civil Security Agencies.

GBF Technology Divisions

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Environmental Testing & Simulation

Testing Solutions

Environmental Testing

We provide highly specialized, standards-based as well as customized testing, heating and air-conditioning solutions from Weiss technik, Vötsch technik, Climats & Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ). Our clients include well known companies in the aviation, aerospace, automotive, defence, energy, oil & gas, IT, microelectronics manufacturing and pharma sector.

Technology built on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision

Artificial Intelligence and Technology is actively engaged in the distribution and marketing of ground breaking technologies and products in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Electric Mobility, Autonomous Surveillance Drones, etc. Companies and products represented are pioneers in their fields, characterized by the development and incorporation of highly advanced AI technologies and autonomous operation capabilities

Technology for Power Generation & Storage


Renewable, Sustainable, Responsible

Energy demands across the globe are constantly increasing, while the challenges of climate change calls for reductions in emissions. GBF Energy seeks to play a key role in the area of energy transition,meeting the challenges of decarbonizing the energy sector with pathbreaking technologies from the world’s most innovative companies in solar and alternative energy sources. Our aim is to offer innovative, individual solutions that are suitably adapted to conform to decarbonization strategies.


Medical Technologies

Medical Technologies brings AI to the medical and health sector with innovative diagnostic products. These help gain better insights into medical imaging results using platforms that read medical scans and automatically detect anomalies. They are able to identify visual symptoms for various diseases. Pathbreaking app-based diagnostic tools are also offered, bringing detection and measurement closer to the consumer (with the appropriate medical oversight)


Agriculture Technologies

GBF Agriculture Technologies serves the agricultural sector with products that have been developed through genomics and Bio-Technology to improve crop performance and revolutionize farming. These include hydroponic systems to create closely controlled microclimates, and R&D-driven products that increase pest resistance. While focussing on innovative concepts in hydroponics and microclimates, we are also concentrating on the application of drone technologies to the agriculutral field, as well as biofuel development.

GBF Product Categories

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