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From the ground to the clouds and into space

Taking off successfully and landing safely are the most important obligations for the aerospace industry. You can use weisstechnik® environmental simulation systems to simulate all the important parameters in advance. The dimensional accuracy of individual components must be just right to ensure that they fit into the system perfectly. This must also hold true for composite materials with differing thermal expansion coefficients. With our heating technology systems, you can achieve homogeneous shaping results across an entire surface. Our containment and cleanroom systems keep undesired dust particles away, regardless of whether they arise while sanding lacquer, from production processes or when measuring electronics components. Get ready to take off!



From gearwheels right through to the bodywork

Test it. Heat it. Cool it. Across the desert, to Alaska and back, and all that in a lightweight vehicle with the highest possible degree of connectivity. Not a problem using weisstechnik® systems for environmental simulation, heating technology and cleanrooms! We can simulate air flows, altitude, temperature fluctuations, vibrations and pressure, as well as weathering and corrosion behaviour. We shape every material and keep the air clean too! Using our technology, you can carry out measurements with the required level of accuracy. Hop in and let’s go!



From blister packs right through to cytostatic drugs.

Test it. Heat it. Cool it. weisstechnik® supplies GMP-compatible and FDA-compliant solutions for the production and packaging of pharmaceuticals and active substances – from stability testing in the development phase, testing of the durability of packaging under tensile stress and sterile filling of packaging, right through to optimal, germ-free production under cleanroom conditions. Our safety workbenches and workplaces provide the necessary protection for both personnel and products. Be on the safe side!



From arabidopsis right through to vegetables, and everything in between!

Test it. Heat it. Cool it. The weisstechnik® Fitotron® range of products includes climatic cabinets and rooms that have been developed especially for scientific investigations in the areas of plant growth, insect growth, tissue cultures, seeds and other microbiological applications. These products can be used in all cases where exact circadian control of both climate and lighting are necessary. We offer solutions that include both series-produced and individual, customised chambers and rooms for universities, public authorities and industry. So you can get on with your research!



From chips right through to supercomputers

Test it. Heat it. Cool it. The lifecycles of modern electronics are short, and every second counts! By using weisstechnik® environmental simulation systems, you can find out whether your product is resistant to cold, heat, vibrations and dust before its market launch. Quick, gentle drying and hardening of coatings and plastic sleeves are child's play using our drying and heating cabinets. If your production processes require exact climatic and/or clean conditions, our air-conditioning solutions are the answer. Time to get switched on!



From concrete to plastic.

Test it. Heat it. Cool it. Materials are used in a variety of production. They have to be safe for humans and the environment, shaped into the correct form, and meet their intended purposes long term. With weisstechnik® systems you can identify the possible evaporation of building materials and parts. In addition to production ovens for moulding, we also offer infra-red ovens, e.g. for manufacturing carpets or treating timber. The dust that this produces doesn’t stand a change with our safety workstations – and in highly critical situations, we offer added explosion protection. Choose the best."