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Aerospace & Special Products Division

The Aerospace & Special Products Division was established to serve the needs of the region's growing aerospace industry. Mainstream activities involve front-line sales, marketing and after-sales service pertinent to the interests of its international aerospace principals and clientele.

The Aerospace & Special Products Division serves all the requirements of Commercial and Military Aviation, Airports, Airfields, Airlines, Private Operators, Civil Aviation Departments and other armed forces.

The multi-national team is enriched with years of distinguished aviation industry experience and expertise. They are well equipped to provide a broad spectrum of aerospace and special products services to the most discerning clientele, with a professional commitment that has already gained the division an excellent standing in aviation circles.


Gulf Business Foundation seeks to be an organization that adds value to people and society through its core principles of innovation, integrity and corporate responsibility that are mirrored in its activities and business approach.

To establish and achieve recognition as a leader in the corporate sector by establishing the benchmarks in every sphere of its activity; in technology, innovation, professionalism, corporate social responsibility and environmental obligations.

To contribute, through its business activities, to national and regional growth and development, while delivering significantly enhanced value to its employees, associates and clients.

GBF Aerospace & Special Products Division's mission is to be "one of the best representatives" in the Middle East region by partnering with world's leading manufacturers of Aerospace products and by providing the highest quality of service to our customers.

We strive to be a trusted business partner to our principals, improve their competitiveness and increase their market share in the region. GBF is committed to providing its customers with exceptional services, quality products and unparalleled customer support.


Representing Global Leaders in the Aviation Industry