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Product Range

Airport ATM

The increasing emphasis of modern ATM is on interoperable and harmonised systems that allow aircraft to operate with the minimum of performance change from one airspace to another.

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Airport Terminal

GBF Aerospace & Special Products Division supports Airport Terminal operations with a wide range of systems and products. hese include ICT products for Airport Security and Access Control, Baggage Handling Systems...

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Airport GSE

Through our principals, we are able to provide a range of ground support equipment (GSE). These include the most modern and advanced products for refueling aircraft, Ground Power Units (GPU) and Air Start Units...

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In the air transport business, the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) is a crucial requirement to ensure the safety and continuing airworthiness of aircraft and aircraft components...

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Aircraft Avionics

GBF Aerospace & Special Products Division represents some of the industry leaders in superior aircraft avionics products, systems and technologies. These include advanced display, communications and navigation systems...

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At GBF Aerospace & Special Products Division we support Airport and Aircraft operations and maintenance with compatible Industrial products such as Man Lifts, Platforms and Work Stands, Floor Sweepers...

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