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Airbus deliveries in October 2020 total 72 aircraft

The European aircraft giant reported deliveries of 72 passenger aircraft in October, including 43 A320s.

After a successful year in 2019, prospects for Airbus in 2020 initially suggested it would be a good year for them. But then, the coronavirus crisis struck, hitting the aviation industry hard. As the crisis began to unfold all over the world, Airbus saw its delivery numbers slip. However, in the second half of 2020, deliveries began increasing again as the industry started to recover.

According to an Airbus media report, the deliveries in October 2020 included the following:

  • 12 A220s
  • 43 A320 Family aircraft
  • Four A330s
  • 12 A350s
  • One A380

Over the coming few months, it is expected that A220s and A320s will dominate the deliveries as carriers prefer smaller aircraft.

Airlines and aircraft deliveries

Some aircraft, like the Airbus A220 and A320neo family, make sense to airlines because they are smaller, fuel-efficient, and allow airlines to retire older aircraft as the recovery continues, modernize their fleets, and reduce fuel and maintenance costs.

With travel demand still quite low, aircraft like the A320 are better suited for short-haul narrow body operations.

Despite lower demand for large aircraft like the A380 and A350, contractual delivery obligations meant that many airlines that had earlier placed orders received them at this time. Airbus also was keen deliver them to customers, in order to free up space at their own facilities.

New aircraft orders still fairly low

Airport also reported receiving 11 new orders of 100 new A320neo family jets, including six of the A220 private jet, four A320neo jets, and one A320neo private jet. This brings total orders in 2020 to 381 aircraft by October 31st. Nevertheless, Airbus still has quite a large delivery backlog.

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